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AQSAzine is a series of grassroots publications

showcasing art, poetry, and prose that challenges the

monolithic narratives of Islam and Muslims in mainstream Western media.


With diverse submissions from 16-35 year old self-identified

Muslim women and transpeople, the zines are a platform

of creative self-expression for a marginalized and systematically silenced group. Topics range from the deeply personal to the overtly political, with each piece offering a glimpse of the

intricate histories, lives, and futures of the internationally

based contributors.


In Arabic, the word AQSA implies "the furthest possible point". AQSAzine aims to motivate the utmost resistance to oppression in all its forms.


More details can be found in the "Project Info" section below,      or by accessing the electronic version of each issue. Please note that the contact info provided in the zines is not valid as the AQSAzine collective is no longer active. To contact the designer of this site please scroll down to the form field below.



Click on an issue to access it as an online flipbook!

coming soon!


FUNDER: ArtReach Toronto




PLATFORM: AQSAzine provided a creative platform for young Muslim women and transpeople to tell their own stories, share their art, and connect with each other. The production of our own media was a reactionary and crucial element in countering the often biased, oversimplistic, and stereotypical portrayal of Muslims in mainstream Occidental media.

The audience for these publications is absolutely anyone with an open heart and mind.


The zines were produced by a collective of dedicated volunteers. Though based in Canada, submissions to callouts came from all over

the world.




CAPACITY BUILDING: Free creative/art/media workshops, iftars, retreats, and other capacity building events were held to provide safe spaces for young Muslim women to voice and address the multitude of complex issues they face.



The subject matter and content of each issue of AQSAzine reflects the kinds of dialoguing that took place at these gatherings.






SHARING IS CARING: Members of the collective have and continue to share their work with diverse audiences at several artistic events and in university/college classrooms across the country.  Putting the zines online honors the blood sweat and tears that went into making four wonderful issues, and enables the contributors' voices to echo on in cyberspace.



LAUNCHES: Each issue was celebrated with

a launch at various locations including the

Art Gallery of Ontario, the Toronto Women's Bookstore, and Ryerson University.


Thank you to all the people, institutions, and spaces that made AQSAzine a reality.



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